Karey & Solano Footwear

Inside the factory Karey Solano

We manufacture all kinds of one-colour, two-colour and three-colour rubber and expanded rubber soles. Rubber and EVA sheet punching. Sole and sheet halogenation.

Karey & Solano Footwear was set up in 1977 by the Grupo Karey group of companies, made up by Cauchos Karey, based in Alicante, and Plásticos Karey and Cauchos Ebro, both based in La Rioja.

Located in the industrial area of Lodosa - Navarra - Spain, on a 25,000 m2 plot of land, with a 10,000 m2 built up area, the company engages in the manufacture of compact and expanded rubber soles in the Solight and Karlight versions.

Its production capacity of 30,000 pairs per day gives it a swift response capability to its clients needs. Its wide range of products includes soles for technical, safety, street, sports (climbing, football, basketball, hunting), orthopaedic and sailing footwear applications.

Its market experience and its large production capacity have earned it renown in national and international markets – a prestige endorsed by the quality of its products and customer service.

Karey & Solano Footwear’s internal strategy of efficiency in terms of productivity is carried out through the automation of its equipment and the training of its workers.

One of its main endeavours is the search for new products and designs, as well as the development of new applications for its existing products.

Caring for the environment and implementing innocuousness management policies are also among Karey & Solano Footwear’s priorities, so we can deliver to our clients products that are fully compliant with consumer safety regulation requirements.

Research, development and innovation are a priority at Karey & Solano Footwear. Our R&D&I development places its know-how at our clients’ disposal to provide solutions to their needs.


Global concern for sustainability and the environment has raised awareness in our company. Within each of us there is the potential to help make the world more environment friendly.

This philosophy and mentality is more than just a wish for a sustainable economy.

Our experience of working together with environmentally committed companies to minimise natural resource consumption has driven us to carry out research on this type of recycled products and their application to all types of footwear. Innovating and looking for new applications is our job.

Recycling car tyres, paper, thread, wool, wood, cork (all of them used) is already part of our production process.

We are all for it, and you?


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